Eat In Athens || Crepes At “Yohoo” Cafe

I was walking for a few minutes on that small pedestrian road, happy and excited for the new cook book I bought and I knew that I was close to “Yohoo” Cafe.

It was noon, so not many people were around and most of the shops were already closed. It is not near the center of Athens and no tourists or any other kind of noise at that time of the day were present. It was a great opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee with a sweet, while reading my new treasure.

I visit that coffee shop when I am in the area and although there are many other ones around, I always prefer it.

I love its coziness, it`s polite service, its wooden design and of course the delicious snacks it offers.

saltybiscotti blog

saltybiscotti blog

A Chocolate/Biscuit crêpe is among my favorite sweets and the ones served at “Yohoo” are so worthy to enjoy (or to destroy a diet occasionally), but I grabbed the opportunity of ordering one, feeling no regrets. After all, I was reading a book full of tasty desserts.

It was a great hour, filled with praline chocolate and new cooking experiments for my cooking bucket list. The best part though was the hugs and kisses I got from my little one when I arrived at home, but that is another story I guess. 

saltybiscotti blog

saltybiscotti blog

saltybiscotti blog

saltybiscotti blog

Thank you so much for reading & have a great day!! 🙂

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