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Books to me are very important. I read a lot and I love spending time in bookstores. The only period in my life that I was not reading much, were the first 6 months after giving birth, but even then I was checking my parenting books for advice and tips.

Cookbooks is a special category. I find food photography fascinating and I consider every recipe as a separate story. After all, tastes can inspire you, make you dream, have fun, create memories, transform a usual day into something.

I started building a collection a couple of years ago, so now there is lots of “food love” all around our kitchen and living room.

 food library book saltybiscotti blog

I got “My Sweet & Skinny Life” book a few months ago as an exchange to another gift I received. I stayed in the bookstore long enough to scan what was available, but my research for the day stopped as soon as I grabbed Marisa`s book.

Now I could finally read something good, while drinking that cup of coffee I was craving about.

I tested it with a classic chocolate chip cookies recipe that I posted a few days ago. I am telling you again, you must – must try them.

On that book I found great beginner tips, classic recipes, under 30 minutes baking -which is vital to my lifestyle as a working mom and many festive deserts to try.

What`s next on the “Cooking Bucket List”?

Let`s see…

chocolate cookies recipe saltybiscotti blog

chocolate cookies recipe saltybiscotti blog

Thank you so much for reading!! Have a great day!! 🙂


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