Foodie Photoshoot || A Marble Cake

saltybiscotti food photography blog simple vanilla chocolate cake

Ok, so this is super exciting!!!

“SaltyBiscotti” reached 100 readers!!


Thank you so so much!! It absolutely made my day and its the best motive to continue posting of course. The least I could do, was to bake a celebration cake, a marble cake that tastes great and goes perfect with coffee. Creating… recipes, images, stories, feels great and it gives me great energy in between my extra busy schedule as a full-time working mom, but it would definitely be less complete without all of you!!

So… I came back to an empty during August Athens for a few days, just in time for this little sweet treat, before going back to the beautiful mountains of Greece.

Travels are such an inspiration!! I only wish I could wander around more, but with my little one around is not always easy. I need to say though, that he loves to travel too, he gets very excited and so happy to be on board wherever we go. I am sure that we are going to experience together lots of great travels in the future.

This is a great “marble cake“recipe to try if you are in a vacation-hurry time like me.

I hope you all have the best summer!!

Thank you so so much for reading & for being here!!


saltybiscotti food photography blog simple vanilla chocolate cake

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