Breakfast With Scrambled Eggs, Bacon & White Mozzarella

saltybiscotti food photography blog

We had a great breakfast today. Scrambled eggs, with bacon and white mozzarella on a rusk. We love breakfast especially on weekends, since these are the only two days we have the time to enjoy it and to prepare our table properly without any rush.

For me, breakfast without eggs feels quite unfinished, so I try to include them in most of them. We have a bit of a problem with little George though because he doesn`t enjoy them yet, so I try all kind of recipes to find the one he will love. Any toddler-egg-recipe-suggestions are more than welcome.Β 

saltybiscotti food photography blog

You will need for 2 persons:

2 rusks

4 eggs

60 ml of milk

bacon slices

white mozzarella


salt & pepper

Fry the bacon slices until crispy and put them on a paper towel. Whisk in a bowl the eggs, the milk, salt & pepper. Heat some butter to a pan and add the egg mixture. Stir until it starts to get the texture you enjoy the most. When done, leave it aside.

Add some water into the rusk and some olive oil to make is soft and sprinkle some salt. Add on top the eggs, the bacon and the mozzarella.


saltybiscotti food photography blog

saltybiscotti food photography blog

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