Feta & Olives On Toasted Bread

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Being at home all day and being most of the day in bed, after the doctor`s instructions, means that not much are happening. We just count the days to pass and secure a proper date for our second little baby boy to arrive, but… it is also a great opportunity for me to read about food photography and cooking tips.

It is also a fantastic way to discover new blogs (I have already so many new favorites), read about new photography techniques and enjoy wonderful food photos on Istagram and Pinterest. It is though a little difficult for me being pregnant and watch all those tasty recipes without craving… πŸ™‚

Anyway, I can handle visual tastes by making tasty and quick snacks on my own. So, today I give you a tasty and quick breakfast, totally Greek, with feta cheese and olives. You can enjoy it as an evening snack too, either way, you must – must try that simple combination of flavours.

You Will Need (for a person):

2 large slices of bread

app. 200 gr. feta cheese


olive oil

* Toast the slices of bread for a few minutes and sprinkle the feta cheese on top. Add the olives and the olive oil on top and enjoy!!


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