Beetroot Salad With Crab Apple, Yogurt & Nuts

the salty biscotti food photography blog

I have a great salad proposal today dear friends. It was not in my intentions a blog post when I was cooking it a few days ago, but when I finished, I just loved its colors and the taste was amazing. So, I decided to take a few quick shots and present it to you. If you are into beetroot you will love it too.

I think that after Dakos, this Beetroot salad with Apple, Yogurt & Nuts, it is now my favorite. It is so so tasty, so fresh and beautiful, that it worths a try. I got the recipe from this new cookbook I bought last month and it has by far the best Greek recipes. I have written before for this talented Greek chef, so you don’t have to guess that when I want a successful story on my kitchen or a good-looking dish for shooting, I go through his recipes.

Back to the tastier salad ever now…

You will need: 

500 gr. beetroot – boiled

1 crab apple

1 clove

150 gr. mayonnaise

100 gr. yogurt

30 gr. vinegar of white wine

20 gr. olive oil

50 gr. walnuts

1 tbs mint or rosemary leaves for decoration

* Cut into squares and put in a bowl the beetroot and the apple pieces. Finely chop the clove and add it on the bowl along with the rest of the ingredients, the mayonnaise, the yogurt, the vinegar, the olive oil, salt and pepper. 

Decorate as prefered and enjoy!! 

Quick Tip: a great alternative is to enjoy it cold, so leave it on the fridge for an hour or more. 


the salty biscotti food photography blog

the salty biscotti food photography blog

the salty biscotti food photography blog

the salty biscotti food photography blog

3 thoughts

  1. I love the sound of this…I also love beetroot my favourite juice at the moment is beetroot and orange…The only crab apples I know are very small and sour did you mean those? or is it just a local name for the apple you mentioned? 🙂

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