Fried Eggs With Tomato & Cheese Sandwich

Fried Eggs With Tomato and Cheese sandwichThe Salty Biscotti Blog

Today I am writting from the northern part of Greece, a small village where our family is having vacation for a few days now. If you are a friend at Instagram, you might have seen the scenery into my stories.

Anyway, the neighbours here, who most of them are family, are extremely kind and bring to us all kind of fresh ingredients. So, we had lots of eggs today and decided to prepare a little Greek breakfast.

Simple, yet so tasty, a few fried eggs and sandwiches with tomotaoes from our garden with gruyere cheese.

I believe that the freshness of the ingredients updated the taste of our simple dish and proved once more, that good quality ingredients, is the number one factor when you are cooking.

Putting the fried egg into the sandwich, made it even better.

So… what did you had for breakfast today?

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