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My Food Photography Equipment

It took me years of reading and practising, searching and experimenting on various photography equipment while shooting, to finalise my photography gear and to decide which products are more suitable for me.

Photography is so personal and while you dive into more learning and experience, your needs change. At this point, I am really happy that I started learning on my own with not much of a gear and that it took me some time to built a proper “studio collection”, because the most important thing is to really know your equipment and fully understand why and how to use it for the benefit of your photography.


I am a Nikon user and I am really happy about it. I started learning photography 8 years ago when I bought Nikon D3100 with the prime lenses. It is a great camera for a beginner that wants to learn shooting in the manual mode, really light and robust. About 4 years ago, when I started photography lessons, I upgraded my lenses to 35mm f/1.8G, which I loved for years. All of my photos posted on Instagram and on the blog until recently are with that lens. It creates a great bokeh effect and since it is not zoomable, it helps to really learn how to encounter your subject.

I recently felt that it was time for an upgrade, so I bought my first full frame camera, Nikon D750 which I absolutely love!! Since I was using a Nikon model, I already new the philosophy and the settings of the camera, but there are still so many to learn. Nikon D750 has a wi-fi availiability that offers remote shooting from a smart device and a tilting monitor. May I say WoW…?


As for my first lens on my new camera, I decided to get the Nikon Lens 50mm f/1.8G AF-S. It a great lense, low priced, light, powerful at low light conditions and creates a great bokeh effect, something that I use very often in my food pictures.


After using for many years the simplest tripod ever, Ι got the Alta Pro 263 At. For me it was a great choise because I was looking for a tripod that offers me the solution of overhead shots, again, very common photo style for food and table images, but I did not want to buy it seperatly. It has great quality and is very easy to use.


I have four backdrops from “Capture By Lucy“, but I usually photograph with the two of them. They are great quality photography backdrops, easily cleaned (*very important when photographing food), stored and light to travel.


I have two sizes, both bought from Amazon. The 5 in 1, 43 inch reflector and the 5 in 1 Portable Multi 40″x 60″ and I am very happy with the quality and result on my work. They are also easy to pack and carry.


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