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Hello & Welcome!! Thank you so much for being here, spending some time reading my blog. That makes my day a little happier and I appreciate it a lot!!

I am posting from Greece, where I live with my husband and our two little angels, our little “Biscottis”.

I started “The Salty Biscotti Blog” in May, 2018 as a creative blend to my passions about Food Photography, Baking and Greek Cuisine.

Since then, my goal is to create strong, inspiring food images and recipes, influenced by my family`s traditions and experiences, adjusted in today`s modern life.

In “The Salty Biscotti Blog” you will find lots of Food Photography moments and large a collection of our daily life cooking and experiments on tastes that I want my family and friends to enjoy. I try to feature in my blog and social medial channels, everyday, real food and simple ingredients that are availiable in every home`s storage. Since I am a working mom, I try to create easy and quick recipes, that taste amazing, without excluding more complicating or festive ones. You will also find lots of Greek dishes and visits to local food places. I hope from time to time to inspire you a bit more with little travels we take around here, experiencing the unique Greek cuisine and landscape.

Through my blog, I dream to inspire your daily life a bit more, make you “travel” through my images into new tastes and flavors and make “The Salty Biscotti” your happy place to visit.Β 

Thanks again for reading!! I hope you enjoy what you see and come back again!!

Love,Β Anthea”

Contact: saltybiscotti@gmail.com

COPYRIGHT: Β©2018-2020 The Salty Biscotti Blog. All Rights Reserved. All content on this blog is copyrighted to Anthea, The Salty Biscotti Blog. It may not be reproduced or copied in any form (on websites, blogs, in print) without permission or proper credit.

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