A Festive Cheese Plate

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The second day of the year, is the perfect day for a snack. With all the crazy amount of cooking and baking of the previous days for the festive family-meals, a cheese board and some wine is the best way to still feel the New Year`s atmosphere without spending hours in the kitchen.

So I created a very simple cheese plateau for two, from all the left overs in the fridge. We enjoyed it a lot and if you want to give it a try, here are some suggestion ingredients to use.

I put three kinds of cheeses, which were the base of the plate. A provolone dolce piece, which is an italian kind of soft aged pasta filata cheese, a piece of blue cheese and a Greek metsovone, which is a semi-hard smoked cheese, produced in the region of Metsovo. I added some prosciutto, a few salami slices, green olives, salty crackers, some breadsticks and croutons, apricot marmelade, some nuts, raisings and dried figs.

Feel free to add some fruits, fresh or dried, other kinds of marmelades or roasted bread slices and depending on the number of people, simply adjust the amount of food served in your plate.

Have a great day friends.