Homemade Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips – “SB” Celebrations.

The Salty Biscotti Blog Food Photography

This May, “The Salty Biscotti Blog” has it`s birthday. It has been two years since I created my first post here friends. So many things have happened since then, so many great things!!

I was a mom of one little boy, today I am a mom two, my George and my Thanos. My two little “Biscottis”!! I was so much into baking and cooking for my family and friends, today it is the most natural thing to me to bake twice a day for them. I was so passionate about food photography, today I am IN LOVE with it.

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Light Thoughts.

The Salty Biscotti Blog Food Photography

Lately, I got obsessed with light.

I read all about it, search everywhere for information, try to spot the perfect shine all over my house. As if I have just moved in.

I was always curious about light and how it transforms everything. Even when in absence. Now, that situations force us to stay inside to be safe, now that I am constantly at home for 3 whole weeks, now, I feel like I am learning my house all over again. So, I look at it, as if it is new to me. I observe it`s corners and how the sun reflects on the objects, upon the curtains, how it comes in through windows, how rooms change as hours passing by.

I hope I express myself correctly, it feels like magic. Especially in the early hours. Perhaps I am being a little more romantic these days. After all, I am constantly surrounded by my photography and baking books. Still, I need to stay creative. I miss it. I miss my routine. I miss “my freedom”.

I am full of thoughts.

Full of light thoughts.